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Boise real estate comes at a wide variety of price points, and amenities, making the community ideal for most any home buyer. If you're looking to purchase your first home, or an investment property, there are many moderately priced houses or condos available in numerous areas of the city that would be perfect. Likewise, if you're looking to purchase your dream luxury home, you can choose from large, new or historic homes in a variety of neighborhoods throughout Boise as well.

Depending on your lifestyle preferences, real estate in Boise also offers a diverse choice of amenities. For example, many people who prefer more of the urban/active lifestyle may look for homes in Boise's "North End". Boise real estate in this area offers quick access to Downtown, foothill trails for hiking/biking, and access to some of the most popular city parks. For those who desire more of a rural feel, yet want to remain relatively close to the city center, a neighborhood like Hidden Springs in NW Boise could be a great choice. Just 15-20 minutes to Downtown Boise, homes in this neighborhood are surrounded by the Boise foothills which provide many outdoor recreational opportunities.

Boise real estate prices vary greatly depending on the part of town you're in. In general, the closer you are to Downtown Boise, the more expensive the homes will be. We have comprehensive information about real estate in Boise and are experts in the area. Give us a call and tell us what you're looking for and we can help suggest areas that have homes matching what you're looking for.

Boise Idaho Real Estate Market

Home Prices

One of the major draws for people relocating to Boise Idaho is the relative low cost of living. In 2012, the average home price in the Boise Idaho real estate market was about $184,000 for existing homes and $237,000 for new construction.

Home values in the Boise Idaho real estate market vary greatly depending on what part of town you're in. In general, homes for sale in Boise are more expensive as you move closer to downtown, the foothills, and the Boise River. For example, homes in Boise's East End, near the Boise River, may cost 20%-30% more than a comparable home located in South or West Boise.

Brief Market History

Boise Idaho real estate prices in the early 2000's were mostly appreciating at a healthy level. However, like most of the country, Boise experienced rapid and unsustainable appreciation during 2005-2007. By late 2007, the real estate market began to flatten in Boise and after the financial crisis of 2008, prices began to go down. During 2009-2010, Boise real estate prices were selling for about 30%-50% less than what they sold for at the peak of the market. During 2011, the market began bottoming out as the Boise foreclosure inventory was being absorbed and home prices began stabilizing. By early 2012, the Boise foreclosure inventory was a fraction of what it was in previous years, demand was increasing, and the overall housing supply low. These elements began to fuel an in increase in home prices and Boise began to again attract national attention. In September 2012, the Boise Idaho real estate market was ranked the most improving housing market in the United States (1).

Real Estate Advice

As they say, "all real estate is local". And the Boise Idaho real estate market is no different. Even within Boise there's "markets within markets." Demand and home prices vary greatly depending on the specific geographic area as well as price range. We at the Idaho Real Estate Center follow the market data very closely and are expert Realtors in Boise. We would be happy to be of service to you and answer any questions you may have about the area, subdivisions, or specific homes for sale in Boise.

Boise Homes For Sale by Area

Let's face it, searching for Boise homes for sale can be a daunting task. Especially if you're not from the area! At the Idaho Real Estate Center, we've often found that narrowing down the prospective areas of town can be the best place to begin.

Determining what is important to you is the critical first step in discovering what areas of Boise have the homes for sale best matching your needs.

Finding the Right Boise Homes for Sale

What are the house specifications you need (bed, bath, sq/ft, age, lot size, etc.) What price range of Boise homes are you considering How far are you willing to commute to work What do you like to do for recreation and what hobbies do you enjoy? How important are schools in choosing your location?

Answers to these questions can begin shape where you're likely to find the most desirable Boise homes. Below you can find a brief introduction to the various areas of Boise and in a few sentences what they are predominantly known for. Just click the link to get more information as well find the respective homes for sale in that area.

  • North Boise: Boise's "North End" is one of the most desirable communities in Boise. Real Estate in this area offers close access to downtown, the foothills, river, Boise parks, and great schools. Many Boise homes in the North End are older, historic homes, while there are also a number of foothill developments that were mostly built starting the 1960's, but some of which that still offer new construction today. Homes for sale Boise's North End tend to be some of the most expensive in the area.
  • North East Boise: NE Boise has historic homes for sale, such as those on Warm Springs Blvd., but also a number of foothill developments that have been primarily developed since the 1980's. These foothill developments have both moderatly priced homes, as well as some of the most expensive homes for sale in Boise Idaho. Like N Boise, this area offers close access to all the urban amenities (shopping, restaurants, etc.) and numerous outdoor recreational amenities (Boise River, Green Belt, Boise Foothills, etc.). The schools in this area, as well as N & SE Boise, are among the best.
  • South East Boise: SE Boise is a very large, diverse area. Separating NE from SE is the Boise River. As you might imagine, homes for sale near the Boise River tend to be some of the most desirable. Boise State University is also located in SE Boise. Homes for sale near the campus tend to be smaller and more affordable- appealing to many first-time-home-buyers as well as investors. Micron Technology, Idaho's largest employer, is also located in SE Boise and attracts many workers to the SE area.
  • Boise Bench: Located just south of Downtown Boise is the Boise Bench. The Boise Bench derives its name from the geographic plateau that causes it rise higher in elevation than the area just to the North. Homes on the Boise Bench vary greatly and are known to have smorgasbord of home styles and neighborhoods. Homes for sale near the Boise Train Depot, as well as those near Hillcrest Country Club, are some of the most popular locations on the Bench. People drawn to homes in this area tend to prefer the greater home affordability over N, NE, & SE while still enjoying close access to Downtown, the airport and the interstate.
  • Downtown Boise: Downtown Boise is the core of the Boise metropolitan area and cultural center of the city, this region is home to a variety of great entertainment features and amenities including shopping, fine dining, a vibrant nightlife, and the iconic Egyptian Theater. Boise homes in this area can be some the most expensive. While there are a few single-family residences, the primary housing style in this area tend to be condos.
  • West Boise: Boise real estate development peaked in this area during 1960'-1980's. As a result, most of the Boise homes in this area are in more established, suburban type of neighborhoods. The most desirable areas of W. Boise are generally considered to be along the rim, near Mountain View Rd. W. Boise is also home to the Boise Town Square Mall, Idaho's largest shopping center. Buyers looking for homes for sale in this area of Boise may be pursuing greater purchasing power, will remaining approximately 10-15 minutes from downtown.
  • W Boise-Garden City: This area of West Boise extends further to the west, and borders the City of Meridian. Homes in this area were primarily built between 1990 to 2010. Some of the most desirable homes for sale in this area are located near the HP headquarters, between McMillan & Chinden (N - S), and Five Mile & Eagle Rd (E - W).
  • Garden City: As a whole, Garden City is not as desirable of location as some of the other regions of Boise. However, there are a few exceptions. One neighborhood in particular is Riverside Village off of Glenwood. This neighborhood is located along a several mile stretch of the Boise river and is home to some of the finest and most expensive homes for sale in Boise.
  • NW Boise: NW Boise is another large geographic area and overall a very desirable one. Nearer to downtown are neighborhoods like Planation, which is located along a beautiful 18-hole golf course and the Boise River. Other developments in this area can be can extend up to about 20 minutes away from town, mostly nestled along the Boise foothills. Buyer's pursuing homes for sale in this area may be looking to be close to the foothills, while retaining more purchasing power than an area like N Boise.

Boise Real Estate - Foreclosures & Short Sales

Finding a great deal in the Boise real estate market can often come in the form of purchasing a foreclosure property.

Technically, a "foreclosure" property is a bank-owned home. However, I've found that when buyers say they are interested in "Boise foreclosures", they generally mean they are interested in any type of distressed sale, which could also include pre-foreclosures.

Pre-foreclosures are homes that are still owned by the homeowner but haven't yet been foreclosed on (i.e. become bank-owned). Most often, pre-foreclosures in Boise are sold as short sales. A short sale is when the home is being sold for less than what is owned on the property. The lender(s), as well any lien holders, must agree to this type of sale. Depending on the specifics of the property, a Boise short sale may take as little as a few weeks, but most often 3-6 months.

The Boise real estate housing market doesn't have as many foreclosures (bank-owned or short sales) as it had several years ago, but these properties still do exist. You can search all the foreclosures properties in Boise using our advanced MLS search.

Boise Homes Near the Best Schools

For many families, finding homes in Boise near the best schools is the top priority. Fortunately, the Boise school district does in fact have some incredible schools. The schools listed below are generally considered the best schools in the Boise area.

As you'll notice, the best schools are concentrated in N, NE, and SE Boise. There are many Boise homes in these areas to choose from. Boise real estate prices in these locations tend to be more expensive but also come with other locational amenities. allows you browse available homes listings in these areas, or you can also use our advanced search to customize a search for homes in Boise near your desired schools.

Elementary Schools

  • Riverside - Located in SE Boise.
  • Adams - Located in NE Boise.
  • Highlands - Located in N Boise.
  • Longfellow - Located in N. Boise
  • Roosevelt - Located in NE Boise
  • Trail Wind - Located in SE Boise
  • Liberty - Located in SE Boise

Middle Schools

  • Les Bois - Located in SE Boise
  • North Junior - Located in North Boise
  • East Junior - Located in East Boise

High Schools

  • Boise - Located in North Boise
  • Timberline - Located in SE Boise

1) Core Logic. RESi index. September 2012 Report.


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