Meridian Idaho Real Estate

The Meridian Idaho real estate market has been one most popular suburbs of Boise in recent years. Located 10 miles west of Boise, Meridian is the third largest city in Idaho and one of the fastest growing.

While Meridian had a population of just 11,958 in 1990, the area exploded with growth and in 2010 was estimated to have 75,092 people. That’s an annual growth rate over 9%, compared to the 1% U.S. average, and 2% Idaho average (1). To keep up with this growth, Meridian real estate development has been a booming industry for both the residential and commercial sectors.

The homes for sale in Meridian Idaho are in mostly “suburban” type neighborhoods offering amenities such as walking paths, community parks, and swimming pools. The smaller neighborhoods may have around 50 homes, while the larger subdivisions have around 500 homes. Some of the most desirable Meridian real estate developments are located in the northern parts of the city, as you near Eagle, Idaho.

Homes for Sale in Meridian Idaho by Area

Homes for sale in Meridian Idaho can be broken down into 4 separate areas: NE, NW, SE, and SW. Real estate development south of the interstate progressed slowly until the early 2000s, as most people up to that time had preferred to be North of the interstate. While some buyers still have a preference, most people now look for homes in all four areas of Meridian. Below you'll find a brief introduction to these four areas.

North Meridian Idaho

People who favor homes in N Meridian tend to be drawn to some of the specific neighborhoods, parks, and schools. For more information and homes for sale in that specific region of Meridian, just follow the link.

  • NE Meridian. Homes for sale in this area can offer quicker access to Downtown Boise, either by I-84, or Hwy 20-26. This location also provides the most convenient access to shopping along Eagle Rd.
  • NW Meridian. Although typically considered to have a slightly longer commute than NE, NW Meridian is also a very desirable area. Real estate development here should accelerate in the future since the opening of the Ten Mile Interchange in 2011.

South Meridian Idaho

People looking for homes for sale in South Meridian often cite less traffic and better interstate access.

  • SW Meridian. Located in this area of Meridian are the popular childrens' destinations of Roaring Springs Water Park and Wahooz Fun Center.
  • SE Meridian. Homes for sale in SE Meridian can provide some of the best access around the Treasure Valley with its close proximity to the Eagle Rd. interchange. Commercial development has also been prominent in this area, with numerous restaurants, a movie theatre, the Harley Davidson store, and a number of other retail and office establishments.

Meridian Real Estate - Housing Options

The Meridian real estate market offers many different types of housing options, appealing to a broad range of homebuyers. No matter your family status, the variety of Meridian real estate developments is likely to have the type of housing you're looking for.

  • First-time homebuyers may find more affordable homes for sale near Downtown Meridian and I-84. Young families can also find many entry-level neighborhoods with 3 & 4 bedroom homes.
  • Retirees, and empty nesters can find homes for sale on smaller, more low-maintenance lots, as well as many newer single-level homes. The finish quality can range from modest, to high-end cabinetry, kitchens, and more.
  • Families looking to move-up can find many 4 & 5 bedroom homes for sale in Meridian. These larger homes often range from 2500-3500 sq/ft and are located in master planned neighborhoods offering parks, pathways, and nearby schools.

Meridian Idaho - The Pros

Here are several of the key reasons why people buy homes in Meridian, Idaho.

  • Home prices: Buying a home for sale in Meridian is substantially more affordable than buying in most areas of Boise. For example, a home in one of Meridian's best neighborhoods can be about 30% less expensive than a comparable home in one of Boise's best neighborhoods. For even greater affordability, a buyer could look further west, in communities such as Star, Kuna, or Nampa.
  • Home styles & finishes: Many homes for sale in Meridian are newer and feature more modern upgrades and floor plans that people desire. Such features might include open floor plans (great rooms, and bonus rooms), granite countertops, hardwood floors, 3-car garages, and more.
  • Shopping: Meridian, Idaho's rapid population growth has attracted seemingly all the national retailers. With the big box stores, restaurants, and coffee shops- nearly everything you need is located nearby (primarily on Eagle Rd.). One of the newest Meridian real estate developments is the Meridian Town Center. From restaurants, to bowling, to clothing stores- the Meridian Town Center is quickly becoming one of the most desirable shopping centers. Adjacent to the development is the 60 acre, Julius M Kleiner Memorial Park, complete with an amphitheater, children's play equipment, and ponds stocked with fish.

Meridian Idaho - The Cons

For virtually any city someone could come up with a list of pros and cons. Our goal at the is to give you as much information as possible so you can determine what is important to you to make an informed decision. These are primarily the two common complaints cited about Meridian Idaho real estate:

  • Traffic. This is the big one, specifically traffic on Eagle Rd. Eagle Rd. is the major North/South artery for traffic from I-84. If you live and work in Meridian, the traffic is not likely to bother you. But if you commute to Downtown Boise or the airport during peak hours, do expect some slow and go. Please keep in mind that bad traffic can be relative. Many people from larger metropolitan areas don't consider the traffic bad at all. In commuting time, the farthest areas of Meridian take approximately 20-25 minutes to get to Downtown Boise or the airport. During peak hours, this commute time typically increases to about 30-40 minutes.
  • Cookie cutter. While not a concern to most people (evidenced by Meridian's rapid population growth), some people feel the homes are too cookie cutter. As previously mentioned, most Meridian homes have been built since 1990 and are in master planned communities that featured one or several builders. Typically, these builders had several floor plans buyers chose from and would make minor modifications to it customize it. While many people are satisfied with the diversity that resulted, some homebuyers who prefer more unique property or historic homes don't find the Meridian homes charming. For homes with more customized character but still newer homes, consider a city like Eagle. Or, go to an area of Boise with older, historic homes, like North Boise.

Meridian Idaho Schools

For many families, another draw to the Meridian Idaho real estate market is some of the schools. While not all the schools rank well, a number of them are considered good. One of the best resources for researching schools is Please note, some of the newest schools are not reflected on its rankings (Paramount Elementary and Rocky High School, for example, at the time of writing are not ranked but considered among the best). Compare Elementary Schools, Middle Schools, and High Schools. On all of the real estate listings on this site, you can see the assigned schools.

1) Source: US Census.
U.S. Population
1990: 248,709,873
2010: 308,745,538
Idaho Population
1990: 1,006,749
2010: 1,567,582

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