NE Meridian - Meridian, Idaho

Home for many people buying Northeast Meridian real estate lies in a few subdivisions Saguaro Canyon Subdivision, Settlers Bridge Subdivision, Alpine Point Subdivision. Although these aren't the only places that you can buy one of the homes for sale in NE Meridian, they're a good place to start looking. These neighborhoods embody themed architectural styles, access to great schools.

Saguaro Canyon Subdivision real estate echoes the feel of the high desert. The architectural flavor for these homes is primarily Southwestern, with cactus plants, some stucco buildings and aquiline swimming pools to keep residents cool in the heat of the summer. The homes here feel solid, and embrace the natural colors found in the desert. Some of the yards in the neighborhood also take advantage of the Southwestern motif by featuring gravel and desert plants instead of a front lawn for an environmentally sound, but beautiful look.

But Northeast Meridian real estate is nothing but versatile. While Saguaro Canyon Subdivision reflects the spirit of the Southwest, Settlers Bridge Subdivision pays homage to the earliest days of the settling of this country. At the entrance of the neighborhood, an old-fashioned well house made of river stone and wooden shingles greets visitors and residents alike. The sub is located just off McMillion Road and Locust Grove and offers homeowners a community pool, walking paths, beautiful common areas, irrigation to keep their lawns green and parks to enjoy. Kids here call the Meridian School District home.

Alpine Point Subdivision offers home buyers a touch of the modern mixed in some rustic elements. A sign held up by wooden railroad beams and square bricks give interested home buyers their first glimpses of what they can expect from the home construction once they drive inside. The skies reflect in the community pool and many still young trees grow throughout the neighborhood. Many of the homes for sale here are single-levels and often feature R.V. bay garages.

Finally, buying one of the homes for sale in NE Meridian puts you close to downtown Meridian, Idaho itself. Because of the city's long-term plans, it has now become a destination place instead of a spot that people just drive through. Pedestrians find it a welcoming place to stroll about. Music lovers will enjoy the Concerts on Broadway while holiday enthusiasts will want to mark their calendars each December for Christmas in Meridian. Naturally, just like on Eagle Road and The Village at Meridian, there are places to eat, entertainment and art to be perused and brought home.

NE Meridian - Meridian, Idaho